Wisdom Nuggets

Nuggets of Wisdom #1

“ When you activate your faith, you enable the resources of Heaven to swing into action to get things working together for your good – Michael Eleanya

Nuggets of Wisdom #2

“ What you hear affects what you think, which affects what you believe and your future – Dr Bill Winston

Nuggets of Wisdom #3

“ Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of not giving up. – Jentezen Franklin

Nuggets of Wisdom #4

“ For Christ to be glorified in your life, you must take your eyes away from the blessings and focus them on the giver of the blessing.

Nuggets of Wisdom #5

“ You don’t have to live in suspense as to whether things will turn out okay. IT WILL. The Alpha and Omega has given His Word, things are working out for your good…only believe!!

Nuggets of Wisdom #6

“ Do not keep coming to class without your homework. By that, I mean that when you see that God is taking you higher, start preparing yourself, your wardrobe and your speech for the next level.

Nuggets of Wisdom #7

“ Life is no longer left to chance when you devote yourself to fervent prayers….

Nuggets of Wisdom #8

“ Those who shape the world are shaped by the Hand of God. The hand of God is the emblem of power.